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License of a tax free shop

We help a foreigner to get approval of a tax-free shop in Japan fully. From making application forms until applying on behalf of a client, we will take care of each point which is difficult for a foreigner and will get approval.


Approval of a tax-free shop is popular among foreign entrepreneurs. It is possible to increase sales of expensive wrist watch, jewelry, cosmetic items, general merchandise, and others from foreign tourists by using the duty-free shop system. The number of foreign tourists is increasing each year in Japan. Because Tokyo is the host of Olympic in 2020, the number of foreign visitors to urban area and the number of foreign visitors to country side, both of them are increasing. The number of tax-free shops is also increasing each year.


Approval of a tax-free shop is essential to manage a tax free shop. A shop where people can buy items without tax is a tax-free shop. It can hang out the sign of tax-free. So foreign tourists can recognize a shop is tax-free easily, which might make ability to attract customer of a shop higher.


With approval, a shop can use this logo.
This logo means that “this shop is tax free shop”.

The more expensive item is, the more foreign tourists may want to buy items without 8% tax.


Where people apply for approval of tax-free shop to is a tax office. To get approval of a tax free shop, it is necessary to making application forms with a sketch of a shop, an in-house manual of selling items without tax, paper works which prescribes content of business operations, a list of items that are sold at a shop, and others before applying. Examination period from applying to getting approval is about 30 days.

Important points to get approval of tax-free

There are some important points to meet for getting approval of a tax free shop. If fail, application never get approved.

・An applicant who tries to open a tax-free shop must be taxable business provider of consumption tax.
・An applicant doesn’t fail to pay national tax now (fail means that amount in arrears is huge and difficult to collect remarkably).
・If an applicant has gotten cancelled approval of a shop to sell exported items, the day when got cancelled must be more than 3 years ago. There must be no thing that makes an applicant considered inappropriate as a business operator of selling exported items.
・Such shop must be in area that is visited by nonresidents or that will be visited by nonresidents. (An area is not only an area that are used by nonresident a lot now, but also an area that is anticipated to be used by nonresidents a lot. Such an area as an airport or a port where nonresidents use for immigration or a sightseeing resort is considered an area that is used by nonresidents a lot. But other areas will be acceptable.)   
・Such shop must be a shop that has necessary staff for the procedures for selling tax-free items and that has enough equipment for selling tax-free items.


【Supporting service for applying for approval of a tax-free shop】


●We will take care of consulting a government office in advance.

Verification process at a taxation office must be the most stressful for a foreigner, when he/she applies for approval of a tax free shop. Who is in charge of application reception in a government office is Japanese; therefore, it may be difficult for a foreigner to talk about approval with such person in Japanese.


●Full amount refund if application is disapproved

If approval is disapproved, we will refund full amount.

※Except for disapproval because of lying, hiding disadvantageous fact, or criminal act during applying



Our supporting service for applying for approval of a tax-free shop provides all service such as making all necessary documents, consulting a government office, negotiating with it, and others. For a foreigner, it is not a goal to get approval of a tax-free shop. It is for getting a business manager visa. There will be many problems, for example, getting approved or change the status on a business manager visa, or documents that a foreigner cannot get because of organizational form of a company. A foreigner needs different know-haw from when Japanese get approval of a duty-free shop. Basically all our client needs to do for applying is to sign and seal completed documents.

Content of service Cost
(For a foreigner) Applying for approval of a tax-free shop

150,000 yen plus tax


Content of service

・Making a list of necessary documents
・Making necessary paper works which are submitted to a government office 
・Guarantee system for getting approval

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