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intra-company transferee visa

Next, I would like to explain an intra-company transferee visa.


The economy is now becoming globalized, and I think that both Japanese people and people from other countries are being stationed in various countries.

Foreigners who are subject to acquisition of an intra-company transferee visa are those who will come to Japan due to a job transfer.

Cases are as follows:

(i) Cases in which a transfer is made from a branch of a Japanese company in a foreign country to the headquarters in Japan,

or conversely

(ii) Cases in which a transfer is made from the headquarters of a foreign company in a foreign country to a branch of the foreign company in Japan.

There is a wide range of thinking about these “transfers,” and many types are allowed in addition to simple transfers from a parent company to a subsidiary. The types include the following.


1) Transfer between a parent company and a subsidiary
2) Transfer between a main office and a branch or sales office
3) Transfer between a parent company and a second-tier subsidiary, or transfer between a subsidiary and a  second-tier subsidiary
4) Transfer between subsidiaries
5) Transfer between second-tier subsidiaries
6 Transfer to an affiliated company


In addition, for an intra-company transferee visa, there are no requirements for academic background or number of years of practical experience such as those that are required for other working visas. Although there are no requirements for academic background or practical experience, of course it will be judged as advantageous if the person has an academic background or practical experience.

There is one point for obtaining an intra-company transferee visa, as follows.

・The person worked in a main office or branch in a foreign country for the past one-year period.

In addition, proof will be made that the company in the foreign country and the company in Japan considered the investment ratio and have a mutual relationship.

What is an intra-company transferee visa?

When a foreign employee will be brought to Japan from a headquarters, subsidiary, or affiliated company in a foreign country, an application for an intra-company transferee visa will be made. As for duties, it will be possible to do work for the activity content of “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services.”

Frequent cases of obtaining an intra-company transferee visa

* Foreign employees who will come to work in Japan due to a personnel transfer are subject to an intra-company transferee visa.

Frequent case (i)

When an international company that is expanding through various countries finds it easier to have a foreign employee who has experience in a subsidiary or affiliated company in another country work in Japan rather than hire a new foreigner in Japan

Frequent case (ii)

When a company that conducts work such as offshore development will bring a local foreign person responsible for development to work in Japan for a limited period

Frequent case (iii)

When the person is a high school graduate and therefore does not fulfill the academic background requirement that is the standard for permission for an “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa,” but the foreign employee who worked at a foreign subsidiary or affiliated company continuously for one year or more will be made to work in Japan

Transfer between headquarters and a branch

A transfer from a main office (headquarters) to a branch (branch office, sales office) or from a branch to a main office will be subject to an “intra-company transferee visa.”

Transfer between a parent company and a subsidiary

The company that controls the company’s decision-making body is referred to as the parent company. The company that is controlled is the “subsidiary.” A second-tier subsidiary is also deemed a subsidiary of that parent company. A transfer between these companies is subject to an “intra-company transferee visa.”It is also okay if this is between a parent company and a second-tier subsidiary.

Transfer between subsidiaries

A transfer between subsidiaries is also subject to an “intra-company transfer.” A transfer between second-tier subsidiaries or a transfer between a subsidiary and a second-tier subsidiary is also subject to an intra-company transferee visa.

Requirements for an intra-company transferee visa

The person is engaged in the duties stipulated for “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” continuously for at least one year at a main office, branch, or other workplace in a foreign country immediately before the transfer of the application.

The person will receive at least the same amount of remuneration as the remuneration a Japanese person receives when engaged in the same work.


It is necessary for the requirements of both (i) and (ii) above to be fulfilled.
Points for an intra-company transferee visa


Graduation from university is not a requirement, but unskilled labor will not be allowed. It is necessary that work in Japan is limited to a certain period. In addition, if the person will be engaged in operations or management, it will be a “business manager visa.

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