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Visa for a short-term stay

As for a visa for a short-term stay, if you are from a visa-waiver country you can enter Japan for up to 90 days without obtaining a short-term stay visa. The number of days a visa is waivered differs according to the country. For a foreigner from a country that is not a visa-waiver country, it is absolutely necessary to obtain a short-term stay visa.


The reasons for obtaining a short-term stay visa fall under the following two patterns.

① When a relative will be brought to Japan

② When a person will be brought to Japan for business (commerce)


The documents to be prepared in such cases differ for each of the two patterns, but there are some things that are common to both, as explained below.


• For a short-term stay visa, an application will be made at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in the person’s home country (local area). An application will not be made in Japan.

• Depending on the country, there are also cases in which it is determined that applications are made through a local proxy agency rather than an embassy.

• There are three types of stay periods for short-term stays: 15 days, 30 days, and 90 days.

• It is not possible to conduct work that involves income. This means that it is possible to come for a short-term stay for commerce, but it is not possible to receive income.

Points for an application

• The documents to be prepared in Japan are important. In particular, the written reason for invitation is the key to the screening.

• In the written reason, the relationship between the invited person and the applicant must be explained in detail.

• In the event that permission is not granted, another application for the same reason cannot be made for a six-month period.

• If the person has repeatedly come to Japan on short-term stay visas, it is possible that doubts will arise and permission may not be granted.

• If permission for a short-term stay has been granted, it is necessary for the person to enter Japan within three months.

• If you want to extend (renew) a short-term stay, a suitable reason will be necessary.
The latest information about necessary documents is posted on the homepage of the Japanese Consulate of each country. Caution is necessary because the necessary documents differ for each country.

Information about free consultations

If you have any concerns about for a visa, we recommend that you first consult an immigration lawyer who has detailed knowledge about visa applications. Making an early consultation is the key to ensuring visa permission.

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