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Starting a Secondhand Dealer Business in Japan

License of secondhand dealer (For foreigners)

We help a foreigner to get approval of secondhand dealer in Japan fully. From making application forms until applying on behalf of a client, we will pass each step which is difficult for a foreigner and will get approval.


Approval of secondhand dealer is popular among foreign entrepreneurs. This approval is essential to trade used items like when a foreigner trades Japanese used cars and sells them to foreign countries; a foreigner trades high-grade wrist watches and sells them in foreign country, or others.
In short, 「approval of secondhand dealer」 is essential to sell or buy used items as business. This approval is also necessary when a foreigner trades brand items at his/her shop, imports & exports used cars, or trades used items on the internet, and others. 


It is necessary to apply for approval of secondhand dealer to【a police department】. For exercising strict control over trade of stolen items, approval system is introduced. Community safety division is the one which people apply to. Each police department has jurisdiction. Therefore, it is necessary to apply to a police department not which has jurisdiction over your house address but which does over your company address. 


It takes about a month or a month and half to examine application after applying.


【Examples of business which needs approval of secondhand dealer 】

・Recycle shop
・Trade of used car
・Trade of brand items
・Management of auction site
・Commissioned sale (selling used items without purchasing them)

・Selling used items, which are purchased in Japan, in foreign countries

※Approval of metal and scrap dealer is separately necessary for trade of metal and scrap such as iron, copper, aluminum.


【Supporting service for application of approval of secondhand dealer 】


●We will take care of consulting in advance and negotiating with at a police department.

Verification process at a police station is the most stressful for a foreigner when they apply for approval of secondhand. Who is in charge with reception of application in a police department is police officer. They may be not kind and many people will feel uncomfortable with them.


●No additional cost against the number of approval our client gets 

There are 13 kinds of approval of secondhand dealer, and our client can get as many as he/she wants without additional cost.


●Full amount refund when application is disapproval

If application of approval of secondhand dealer is disapproval, we will refund full amount.

※Except for disapproval because of lying, hiding disadvantageous fact, or criminal act during applying


●Credit card is acceptable

We accept cash, bank transfer, and credit card as a payment method.


Our supporting service for application of approval of secondhand dealer includes making all necessary documents, consulting a police department, negotiating with a police department, and others. For a foreigner, getting approval of secondhand dealer is not goal. Approval of secondhand dealer is necessary to get a business manager visa. There will be many problems, for example, getting approved or change the status on a business manager visa, or documents that a foreigner cannot get because of organizational form of a company. A foreigner needs different know-haw from when Japanese gets approval of secondhand dealer. Basically all our client needs to do for applying is to sign and seal completed documents. 
Content of service Cost
Application for approval of secondhand dealer 95,000 + Tax

※Additional cost, as examination fee, 19,000yen to a police department is necessary.

Content of service

・Making a list of necessary documents
・Consulting and negotiating with a police department
・Making paper works which are submitted to a police department
・Applying for approval of secondhand dealer to a police department on behalf of our client
・Receiving a license of approval of secondhand dealer 

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