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Support when you were not granted permission for a visa

When you have received notification that permission was not granted for a visa application!

Permission was not granted for a visa? It is not your fault. The problem is that the Immigration Bureau’s screening standards are difficult to understand and the screening content is too strict.


If you have received a notification that permission was not granted from the Immigration Bureau, only a brief reason is written on the notification that permission was not granted, and unless you have a meeting with the examiner at the Immigration Bureau, you will have no idea what the detailed reasons were for not granting permission. At a meeting, the examiner will tell you the detailed reasons for not granting permission. By hearing a detailed explanation from the examiner, you can learn whether there is a possibility of receiving permission by applying again, and what things you should be careful about if there is a chance of receiving permission by applying again. Caution is necessary, because it has been decided that it is only possible to hear a direct explanation from the examiner one time. Even if you forgot to ask something, it will not be possible to conduct a second meeting.


Our firm provides support up to re-application when permission for a visa has not been granted (investigation of the reasons permission was not granted + re-application procedures on your behalf).


Please feel free to inquire if you have a problem with not being granted permission.

Designated activities visa that is received when permission is not granted

In the event that you were not granted permission for visa renewal or a visa change and you have already exceeded the period of stay that you currently have, the Immigration Bureau will make a request for you to appear, and at that time, you can receive a residence status of “designated activities.” The content of that status is “preparations to leave the country,” and in many ordinary cases it is a period of 30 days.


This status means that you have 30 days to prepare to leave the country, and then you should leave Japan. In order to obtain “30 days to prepare to leave the country,” it is necessary to accept leaving the country once, but it is possible to apply again during those 30 days.


However, even if another application is made, in principle the people at the counters of the Immigration Bureau will not accept an application for a visa change or visa renewal from a person who is re-applying during preparations for leaving the country.


It is necessary to bring the set of documents to the department that screens work or the department that screens permanent residence and make a consultation about the fact that you want to re-apply. If they say it is okay at that time, a person at a counter will accept a re-application.


If a re-application has been accepted, you will be able to stay in Japan until the result of screening is given. Until the result is given, this will be okay even if the “30 to prepare to leave the country” are exceeded. In the event that the screening department gives a result that the re-application is not approved, it will be necessary to leave the country without fail during the period of preparations to leave the country. In such a case, the only method will be to be invited to Japan by an “application for certification of eligibility of status of residence.”

Information about free consultations

If you have any concerns about for a visa, we recommend that you first consult an immigration lawyer who has detailed knowledge about visa applications. Making an early consultation is the key to ensuring visa permission.

Samurai Immigration Law Firm accepts consultations about visa applications. We will search for measures that correspond to the circumstances of each client and suggest a path to obtain permission.

We conduct free consultations, so please feel free to consult us first.
There are two methods of applying for a consultation. * All consultations require an appointment.

1. Make a consultation application by telephone

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