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We made a comparison

There are probably people who are considering whether to conduct visa procedures themselves or to have a specialist conduct them. We made a comparison of the kinds of preparation work and knowledge that are necessary for visa procedures. We also summarized the effects of (1) making an application yourself and (2) our firm providing support.

(1)If you make an application yourself (2)If our firm provides support
Information sources and investigation abilities Only uncertain information from the Internet and friends It is possible to make a judgment based on accurate grounds, drawing from the many specialized documents we possess, the Immigration Bureau’s internal screening criteria, and our experiences of interacting with the Immigration Bureau. In addition, it is necessary to have advanced legal knowledge in order to accurately obtain such information.
The Immigration Bureau’s internal materials They are not generally disclosed, so it is not possible to obtain them. We have the Immigration Bureau’s internal criteria (screening points for immigration and stays) that are not generally made public. The internal standards consist of an enormous amount of information that covers several hundred pages.
Possession of specialized books They are not ordinarily possessed. In most cases, the only thing to do is search the Internet. We have approximately more than 100 specialized books about immigration control laws, international marriage, employment of foreigners, and company establishment by foreigners.
Handling on weekends The Immigration Bureau is usually crowded on weekdays, and it is closed on weekends. We can handle things on weekdays of course, as well as on weekends and holidays if an appointment is made, and we do not make customers wait.
Techniques for creating materials No experience or techniques Multiple materials will be necessary for visa application procedures. In the case of a working visa, there are documents that will require business knowledge for the creation of legal documents such as an employment agreement and minutes, and business plans. In addition, even in the case of a status-type visa such as a spouse visa or a permanent residence visa, it is necessary to think about checking various documents and your state of tax payment (doing filing an amended return in advance, depending on the circumstances), and even about the consistency of documents that are attached as content of the application, and we can handle even things that ordinary people do not notice.
Statement of reason You don’t understand the way to write it or points about what to write. We create high-quality documents that state (1) things that should be written, (2) things that should be explained, and (3) things that should be proved.
Unnecessary statements Without realizing it, you might write something that could be a reason for permission to not be granted. We can judge (1) things that should be written, (2) things that should not be written, and (3) things that have no meaning even if they are written.
Judgment of what kind of materials to attach It is difficult to make a judgment because you do not know the legal grounds and you do not have experience. If the materials to prove the content of the application are not sufficient, the Immigration Bureau will make a decision to not grant permission because there are doubts. However, that does not mean that it is best to submit everything that you can. It is possible that there could be things mixed in that should not be submitted; therefore, we can make an appropriate judgment about such things.
Handling on the Immigration Bureau side The Immigration Bureau is an extremely busy administrative agency that handles an enormous number of foreigners every day. If you make an application yourself, you cannot expect friendly handling. Even if a question is asked, the explanation is insufficient in many cases. Consideration will be made on the Immigration Bureau side as well, as an application agent administrative scrivener.
The Immigration Bureau’s investigation of actual circumstances
(by telephone or visit)
Because there is a tendency for the evidentiary power of the materials that an applicant attaches to an application to be weak, the Immigration Bureau will investigate the actual circumstances on its own judgment. Specifically, an investigation will be made by visiting the person’s home or company or asking questions over the telephone. If our firm makes the application, the probability of the Immigration Bureau investigating the actual situation (making telephone calls or visits) will become considerably low. For an investigation of the actual circumstances, telephone calls or a visit to your company or home will be made without advance notice. If a visit is made, it will cause the screening to be delayed, and you will have to handle it.
Request for additional materials We see some cases in which permission is suddenly not granted, without taking the step of requesting additional materials or requesting additional explanation. There are many cases in which we receive a request for additional materials or a request for additional explanation before a decision to not grant permission is suddenly made, and there are many cases in which we receive an opportunity to make an explanation. However, in the event that due to the case it is expected in advance that we will be asked for additional materials, we will prevent the request for additional documents by making preparations and submission at the time of the first application.
Handling when permission is not granted You do not know the method of handling when permission is not granted. When permission is not granted, an opportunity to hear the details of the reason that permission was not granted will be given only once. It will be possible to hear from the examiner the kinds of points for which a decision was made to not grant permission, and to think about strategies for future handling.
Services after the application is made There are many cases in which copies of application materials are not made, and cases in which the person only remembers the content of the application in his or her head are prominent. Our firm stores application documents for a certain period. This is necessary in order to handle things during the screening period and after permission is granted, and to accurately make an application next time.

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